Friends of Midday

For those of you who want to stay in touch with the former Midday Connection team, here’s the latest! Until we land on a permanent website or gathering place… we’ll update this page as much as possible!

Page updated September 2, 2016


Listen to Anita & Melinda
as they filled in on Let’s Talk with Mark Elfstrand, Aug. 29-Sept. 2.

Friends of Midday


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Here is what we’re up to:

Anita Lustrea

Melinda Schmidt

  • Completed her graduate work at Wheaton College.
  • Presenting Creative Faith retreats with Lori. Learn more here.
  • Online: Facebook • Twitter • Instagram
  • Melinda was co-host of Midday Connection and host of the Bring to Mind podcast.

Lori Neff

  • Co-facilitator for Christos Center for Spiritual Formation’s Spiritual Director training program.
  • Presents unique prayer experiences in her podcast, Everyday Prayer.
  • Co-hosts Millrose Podcast with Mark Breta.
  • Online: Lori’s blog/website • FacebookTwitter • Instagram
  • Lori produced and co-hosted Midday Connection and was the social media and event coordinator for the program.

Caryn Rivadeneira

Mark Breta

  • Freelance media producer, fill-in worship leader at his church, and blogger/vlogger.
  • “Revived” and adapted Millrose Podcast and co-hosts with Lori.
  • Online: Mark’s blog/websiteFacebookTwitter • Instagram • YouTube
  • Mark was the technical producer for Midday Connection and coordinating producer of the Bring to Mind podcast.